“…Padilla’s performance achieves a lot in the short time available, conveying the depth and breadth of his acting range. (…) Padilla does what is most important – demonstrates a real feeling for the words of Shakespeare.”

Review about Hamlet By Megan Wallace, Three Weeks Edinburgh, Saturday 22 August 2015 

“In one almost naked scenario with a neutral lighting he loaded poetic resonances, hard poetry, which lies in Shakespeare's tragedy, which Alfredo Padilla blows for the sake of an interpretation that keeps the flight so high. Each and every feeling on the stage.”

Review about Hamlet by Fernando Llorente,
Diario Montañes, 31/03/2015


“Something that makes me enjoy so much when I go to the theater it is just have a sit and feel that the character I have in front of my eyes, is real, his feelings are real. When Hamlet touched the table, I felt that Hamlet (and not the actor) really felt the wood revealing in his hands... there was truth in everything, in every character he played...”

Review about Hamlet by Carla Capeáns on Blog de Teatro gallego

“I have to say that in very exceptional moments occurs an event of this magnitude scenic at our scenarios. During the show, Alfredo Padilla makes a journey and performs each and every one of the most important characters of the Shakespearean tragedy, giving to us a real art lesson on the stage inspired by Thalia.”

Review about Hamlet by Alfredo Conde, Spanish writer,
journalist, National Literature Awards,
El Correo Gallego 27/04/2011


“... Naked and hard version. It is a gift for our contemporary scene...”

Review about "In The Solitude of Cotton Fields"by Bernard-Marie Koltés, 5 stars by Pablo Bujalance in the Correo de Málaga 20 January 2008


“... Alfredo Padilla gives to his actions more life and natural expression,
and he has a big control over the verbal technique; he gives humanity to his character...”

Review about "in the solitude of cotton fields"by Bernard-Marie Koltés in Correo de Andalucía by Dolores Guerrero 22 October 2007


“... Is the theatre that I love, only few days more to see them until 20th at Teatro Central of Seville, go, go...”

Review about "in the solitude of cotton fields"by Bernard-Marie Koltésin ABC Newspaper of Seville, four stars, by Manuel Rosal, 18 October 2007


“... Alfredo Padilla recreates on the stage many
characters with contention and feelings unusual at our scene... a mastership (...) Alfredo Padilla shows to us a strong domain of his art on the stage with his Interpretive charm. The rest is imagination and high style...”

Review about "Frida Khalo" by Alfredo Conde Spanish National Literature Award, published in the Correo Gallego on 1st October 2008.



alfredo padilla


Scene from "In The Solitude of Cotton Fields"by Bernard-Marie Koltés

Directed by Carlos Alvarez-Osorio, Camara Negra Teatro.